2022-04-10 Khanacross and Motorkhana

Khanacross & Motorkhana event

Date & Time

10 April 2022
9am – 4pm (Gates open at 8am)


$60 Adults / $30 Juniors
(Additional costs for licenses may apply)


Willowbank Raceway
38 Champions Way, Willowbank QLD 4306


Widespread road closures for the Tour De Brisbane bike race (especially including the Western Freeway) will be negatively affecting access to the Ipswich Motorway on Sunday morning. Please consult the following map of the closures and adjust your planned route to Willowbank accordingly.

For this combo event with both long and short test courses. It’s the best of both Motorkhana and Khanacross, and a great opportunity to improve your car control skills.

The Motorkhana tests are designed to test the acceleration, braking and general maneuverability of your vehicle, along with your skill and judgment as a driver. Khanacross tests are longer in length and allow for faster speeds. This is a great event to level up from Motorkhana to Khanacross.

All Khanacross vehicles must be fitted with a fire extinguisher, compliant with the requirements of a Hand-Held Extinguisher within Schedule H of the Motorsport Australia Manual. (Minimum 900g Capacity AS 1841)
All Khanacross drivers must be wearing an approved helmet and wrist-to-ankle non-flammable clothing.

Entries are online only and you will need to complete the Entry Form in full. Entry closes 7pm on Friday 8th April. If you need help. please email us at entries@hsccq.com

Supplementary Regulations PDF


Motorkhana Tests

Motorkhanas are focused on driver skill and ability. Courses are low speed and marked by flags. Entrants are timed across the course, and are penalised for striking flags, going in the wrong direction, or failing to stop.
HSCCQ Motorkhanas are conducted on suitable bitumen surfaces.

Khanacross Tests

Khanacross run over longer distances, at higher speed compared to Motorkhana. The courses are all in a forward direction, through combinations of fast straights, open corners, and tight turns.
Successful drivers develop high speed car control skills.

Combo Events

Drivers can participate from age 12, and in car tutorage is permitted in some courses. As skills and speed develop, drivers become safely exposed to potentially hazardous conditions such as understeer, oversteer and locked brakes, and learn how to recognise and manage these situations.

Your car

Your vehicle must be presented in a clean and tidy roadworthy condition. No special modifications are required. An everyday, road registered vehicle is ideal. Scrutineering information can be found in our FAQs

Your license

You must hold a current Motorsport Australia license or apply for an introductory Motorsport Australia day license ($25). Junior drivers (from 12) can participate. Got questions – try our FAQ page

Vehicle Classes

Classes separate production cars from specially built vehicles, and small cars from larger vehicles. Awards are given in each class, and to junior and female competitors.

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