2022-03-13 Motorkhana

Motorkhana event

Date & Time

13 March 2022
9am – 4pm (Gates open at 8am)


$60 Adults / $30 Juniors
(Additional costs for licenses may apply)


Willowbank Raceway
38 Champions Way, Willowbank QLD 4306

Entries ARE NOW Closed

This is our first competition event of the 2022 Season. The object of Motorkhana is to complete all the tests of the program, in the shortest possible time, without incurring penalties. It’s a great opportunity to see what you and your car can do.

Competitors must have a current Motorsport Australia license or apply for a day license for $25.

Entries are online only and you will need to complete the Entry Form in full. Entry closes 7pm on Friday 11th March. If you need help. please email us at entries@hsccq.com

Supplementary Regulations PDF


Your car

Your vehicle must be presented in a clean and tidy roadworthy condition. No special modifications are required. An everyday, road registered vehicle is ideal. Multiple drivers can compete in the same vehicle. Families are welcome.
Scrutineering information can be found in our FAQs

Your license

You must be a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated car club and hold a current Motorsport Australia Competition License (level Speed/Speed Junior or higher). Day licenses are available for purchase (limit: 1 per year). Details are on the entry form.

Your Safety

HSCCQ events are held in accordance with Motorsport Australia OH&S, Motorsport Australia Safety 1st and Risk Management policies – more details at are available from motorsport.org.au
Queensland road registered cars require a CTP extension letter. Details are on the entry form.

Motorkhana Tests

Courses are low speed and marked by flags. Entrants are timed across the course, and are penalised for striking flags, going in the wrong direction, or failing to stop (adding five seconds to their total time per penalty).

Electronic & or Manual timing starts at the competitors own time, when the vehicle breaks the designated timing line and ceases when the front of the vehicle crosses the finish line.


The winner is the drive with the lowest aggregate, including any penalties, at the completion of the event. In the case of equal scores, the tied Competitors must be declared joint winners.

You can read more about scoring in the 2021 Motorsport Australia National Motorkhana Standing Regulations

Vehicle Classes

Classes separate production cars from specially built vehicles, and small cars from larger vehicles. Awards are given in each class, and to junior and female competitors.

There will be seven classes as follows:
Class A= wheelbase up to 2150mm
Class B= wheelbase from 2151 to 2390mm
Class C= wheelbase from 2391 to 2574mm
Class D= wheelbase 2575mm and over
Class E = Production vehicles with 4WD
Class F = Front wheel drive specials
Class G = Rear wheel drive specials Class

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