Casper For Sale

Wheels has finished building his new car, and is ready to start testing it.   So the famous motorkhana special “Casper” is for sale.  Casper comes complete with a full written history of all its achievements and complete results throughout its competition life.  A complete list of costs for the car since it was built in 2002 is also included, and reveals that the cost of building and running the car over this 13 year run is $9,500.  A complete written Operations Manual is included, with videos of how to do certain maintenance operations etc.  A complete file of all the videos taken of the car and from it is included in the package.  A set of Khumo tyres for wet weather will be on the car, and the package includes a set of 5.5” wide front wheels with Hoosier Formula SAE slick front tyres; and 7” wide rears (Minilite) with Dunlop slicks.  Spares are included in a box.  Too many bits and pieces to list here.

The price for the car is $3000.  If the special purpose trailer which is designed just for the car is required, the cost is another $1700.  That is how much it will cost Wheels in material for the replacement trailer for the new car.

Wheels can be contacted by email on
Or phone on (07) 3366 2000
Or fax on (07) 3366 7074
Or PO Box 3350, Newmarket, 4051.

There is one special provision on the sale.  If Wheels has a failure with his new car at an event, then the owner of Casper must offer him a drive of Casper for the remainder of the day.