PCQ Motorsport Rd. 10 and ICC Rd. 6 - Sprint - Queensland Raceway

Sep 01st - All Day
Qld Raceway - Champions Way, Willowbank
Entries are now open for Rd.6  Saturday 1st September at Queensland Raceways.
Go to the Porsche Club Qld website, Events Calendar and click on the event.
There is an entry form for Non-PCQ members and full details on the Entry Pack.
Entries close on Tuesday 28th August.
All drivers will also have to enter on the QR website.
The entry fee is $165 and we are planning for at least 2 runs on the National Circuit and 2 runs on the Clubman. As we hope to get on track at 8.30am and if there are no delays due to on track incidents, time permitting a 5th run will be added.
For those who have been doing the QR Street and Open Sprints, this is a great chance to drive the National Circuit.
 As usual with PCQ sprints each run will be 1 warm up lap, 5 timed laps and 1 slow down lap.
The entry form asks for an expected lap time. This is only to help sort the run groups into cars being on track together with similar lap times for safety reasons.
Although the event is a "Sprint", ICC points will be based on "Regularity" in that the driver with the most consistent lap times over his 5 laps will get the best points. This is worked out by calculating the difference between a drivers fastest lap and their slowest lap. The smaller the difference, the better the result. Each driver's best result from each circuit will be used to determine the event result for ICC.
There are numerous advantages of this "Regularity" system. You don't have to nominate a lap time at the start of the day and if weather or track conditions change, it is still the difference between you fastest and slowest lap on that run. A car doing 1:40's as much chance of winning as a car doing 1:14's. As the event is run as a sprint, there is no minimum lap time, so you can drive as fast as you like.
Those drivers who do not have their own QR lap timer transponders will have to hire one for the day directly from the QR office.
Please pass this information onto your members.
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact either Kevin Vedelago or myself.
Hope to see you at QR on 1st September.
Bill Black