Event Entrant Information Declaration

HSCCQ Khanacross & Motorkhana

Held under the International Sporting Code of the FIA and the National Competition Rules of Motorsport Australia.

The event is being run in accordance with the Motorsport Australia COVID-19 guidelines.

Meeting Promoter
Holden Sporting Car Club of Qld, Permit number:
Meeting Location / Date
Willowbank Raceway / 2021-04-18

I have read and understand the Supplementary Regulations

I have read and understand the Drivers Briefing

I have read and understand the HSCCQ COVID-19 Policy Statement

Vehicle Rego/Nickname

Driver/Entrant Full Name

Driver/Entrant Phone Number

Driver/Entrant Email Address

Motorsport Australia License No.

I am bringing friends or family as spectators


Have you or any of your spectators been in contact with a person with COVID-19?

(if so you MUST inform us)

If yes, provide details (including dates) of
the COVID-19 contact

I understand this information may be sent to Motorsport Australia and any other COVID-19 body as required

I accept the above details are correct and allow them to be forwarded to the above